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A new academic-methodological reference is published in May 2015
                                   SPORTS FENCING

Professional Coaching Manual and Special Training Methodology.
By world renowned specialists G.Tyshler and V.Logvin
This reference and manual, compiled at the request of the International Fencing Federation, is aimed at participants of seminars for advanced coaching qualifications in sports fencing disciplines. It contains a complex of technical and combat actions, as well as over three hundred combination and situational exercises aimed at their mastering.

The publication also contains references to tactical skills, aimed, primarily, at selection of approaches to combat conditions, methodologies for mastering footwork techniques and exercises for specialised motor skills. Additional independent sections are ‘Management of Combat Practice’ and ‘Fencing Terminology’
G. Tyshler,
President of FIE Coaching Council, Doctor of Pedagogic Sciences, award winning
USSR coach, award winning Ukraine coach. His pupils won many medals at the
World Championships and Olympic Games. Coach of the USSR National team,
sabre. National coach for Russian Federation, epee. National coach for South Africa,
epee, sabre, foil.
V. Logvin,
Adviser to the FIE President, award winning USSR Master of Sports, 1982 World
Champion in foil fencing. President of International Charitable Foundation “For the


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Dedicated to the memory of David Tyshler (1927 – 2014)
The authors would like to express immeasurable gratitude to our teacher and mentor
David Tyshler for the assistance in creating this work. This manual would not have
seen the light of day without constant assistance, advice and direct participation by the
honoured maestro.


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